Do you have a special event coming up and want to have something very special for your guest?

We specialize on large venue events but doesn’t mean that we couldn’t do a very special small event too!

Our rates are simple:

Private or Corporate Events: If you are having an event and want to serve coffee, lattes or ice cream to your guests you can rent our food truck up to 4 hr (includes 300 guest) for an all inclusive price of $750 (Additional hours 100/hr) . Now all you have to do is send us a date request and we’ll go over the details with you.

Public Events: Make sure to invite the best of both worlds to make the event you are coordinating a success. This is simple, send us the event request form and we will get it on our calendar.

Fundraiser Events: Calling all non-profit organizations! Keep us in mind for your next big fundraiser event. We give back 5% of sales under $1000 and 10% for anything over. Sounds like a deal? Book your the date now, the calendar fill quickly.

Additional charges that may apply are: $.60 for round trip mileage (if the event is farther than 10 miles, 5.5% taxes (because uncle Sam just won’t leave us alone), 20% gratuity (because we have a large team that makes every event possible and usually can’t come and have fun) and 3% convenience credit card fee (sorry).

Prefer a mobile number, since communication is always needed the day of the event.
For more than one day, please list all the days. Please allow 1 hour for set up prior to the start of the event and min 1 hour for tare down. This allows proper temperature of our products being served. Thank you
Address is needed please. We need to know how to get there and back. 🙂
Doesn't have to be a three page letter. Keep it simple. We'll have plenty of time for the neety greety.
We have a generator to power the food truck if required. We can also carry our own water supply if the event doesn't supply any.
Just letting you know that if we are being invited to an open event, we can not limit our products offerings.
Number of guest coming, or if this is an open event, how many people usually attend?
Pinky swear that we won't spam you back.
Like what's you favorite Scoops ice cream flavor or Terra Verde coffee!